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Call phones for free using web browser without any application.

call phones via Web Site is a reality on Freecalltophone.com, no registration needed, it's easy to make your free call, Please dial full international phone number.


Type full international phone number and click "CALL" to make your free online phone calls

- Example to call a UK number 021XXXXXXX , dial: +4421XXXXXXX (or) 004421XXXXXXX
- FreeCallToPhone.com doesn’t require any installation like plugin or application download.

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it's a free calling phone Web Site

FreeCallToPhone.com make calls over VoIP service, you can call landline and mobile phone numbers from your PC or smartphone without any app installation or plugins and it's free,
The site doesn’t ask the registration process to make your online free call.

Easy steps to make your free call

1) Go to FreeCallToPhone.com

firstly open your Web browser and go to FreeCallToPhone.com website, make free call to phone using just your web browser, without app installation, you can call for free using web browser like Chrome, Mozilla or opera.

2) Type international Phone Number

On the home page, make your free online call, type full international phone number including the country dial code from the list.

3) Click on "CALL"

Make sure you have enter the correct number you want to call for free, mobile or landline number (we do not accept special services numbers), at last step just click on the "CALL" button and allow the website to access your Mic devise for one time.

FreeCallTophone.com is a free calling tool

, this site is constantly updated by our services, stay connected to enjoy your free call to your friends or family, adding more countries is our priority, it's free and it will stay forever.

Free phone calls from Freecalltophone.com are secured with end-to-end encryption

, replicated on all used servers, our aim is to share our experience and offer free phone service to connect people, we do not use called numbers for any marketing reasons, your call is realy secure.

This is a Web application used to make free phone calls from a computer, tablet or smartphone to landline or mobile phone numbers,

the free call can be done through a microphone and headphone or connected speakers, that work easily on web-browser like Chrome, Mozilla or Opera.


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